Office Chaos
Office Chaos - Ian MacLarty


Oh no! Your office network has been hit by the latest version of the OMGLOL virus. This time it’s not just the computers that have been infected: all staff in the building have been reprogrammed to hunt down and harass you, the IT guy!

You must fend off your crazed coworkers and make your way down to the basement where you’ll be able to disconnect the router and prevent the infection spreading.

To complicate things your coworkers have developed the ability to shoot red hot lasers from their eyes. You’ll have to defend yourself with whatever you can find lying around: a printer, a water cooler, a pot of stale coffee.


Office Chaos is all about hurling office stuff across the room to knock some sense into your mind-controlled colleagues.

To throw, flick your finger across the screen in the direction you want the object to travel. The speed of your flick determines the power of the throw. You can also duck to avoid stray laser beams by flicking downwards.

Collect anti-virus software to gain special abilities and boost your health.

Get hit by too many lasers and you’ll turn into a pile of ash on the office floor.

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